A Weekend In Maryland & Anxiety

20 January 2016

One of my favorite weekend adventures is to head down to Maryland where Luke's from for a visit. He grew up in the Bel Air area of Harford County and it's the cutest little place. It has that small town, cozy feel to it that you read about in books. I love spending time there. This past weekend we decided to make the hour and a half trip down to visit his best friend, Atwood, and his girlfriend, Ruby, who was visiting from Canada.

Luke and I have made a new habit of listening to podcasts, and we've invested the past 2 to 3 weeks into listening to season 1 of Serial and Undisclosed after being addicted to the Making a Murderer Netflix series. It makes the trip to Maryland go so much faster, and it's particularly interesting because Serial and Undisclosed share the story of Hae Min Lee, a Baltimore teen that was murdered in 1999, and her ex-boyfriend Adnan Syed, who was charged with her murder. It's been weird listening to these podcasts because I know the areas they've mentioned through Luke, and being in the towns where these events took place just feels strange (and spooky). If you haven't listened to Serial or Undisclosed, I cannot recommend them enough, especially if you liked Making a Murderer. After the end of Serial, I was sure of my opinion of Adnan's guilt/innocence, but now that I'm halfway through Undisclosed, I really don't know what to think anymore. If you've listened to the podcasts, I'd love to know your thoughts on the case! Sorry I went a bit off track there, but this is something that has definitely taken over my mind these past few weeks. 

When we go to Maryland we usually spend the night at Atwood's house, but we decided to book a hotel this time around. After we got settled in, we drove to Atwood's house to meet Ruby for the first time! She's very sweet, and I had such a great time with them this weekend. We got lunch Saturday afternoon before heading over to Baltimore to explore. I've only been there a couple of times and it was my first time visiting Fell's Point, a cute little waterfront neighborhood established in the mid-1700's, complete with cobblestone streets! We got a drink at the Cat's Eye Pub on Thames Street and then headed over to The Sound Garden, which was voted second place for best record store by Rolling Stone. We decided to try our luck at the casino down the street, and I ended up winning $10! HUGE for me since I usually lose everything. After a while in the casino, we left and stopped over at Potbelly, my favorite sandwich shop on the way back to Bel Air.

Sunday we had a nice lie in before checking out of our hotel and heading to get breakfast. At 11am on a Sunday, I knew our odds for finding a place that wasn't too busy were slim. We parked and walked to a couple of different brunch spots which both had long waits, and my anxiety started to kick in. I don't do well in crowds. At all. My mind shuts off and my anxiety quickly takes over, and I automatically search for the quickest exit. Whenever I'm with other people in a situation like this, I feel insanely guilty because I know I'm inconveniencing them. I'm the type of girl who will go miles out of her way to make sure she's not inconveniencing anyone, but I just can't help it when it comes to my anxiety. I'm thankful for Luke because he's very understanding at times like these, and he'll go out of his way to get me out of the situation. This is something that has gotten worse over the past couple of years, but I'm working hard on finding techniques that will calm me down in situations like this. I have a big year ahead of me (getting married, traveling) so it's important that I take control of my anxiety instead of letting it take over my life. Atwood and Ruby were kind and understanding, they could probably see the terror on my face, so we ended up stopping at an empty local pub to get food before heading over to Havre de Grace. 

A trip to Havre de Grace wouldn't be complete without visiting Seneca Cannery Antiques, the building is absolutely beautiful and they have something for everyone! With over 50 vendors, I could spend hours in there just looking at every little thing. Some favorite things that I've come across have been old black and white photos, wooden ladders, and vintage fabric. Another must see in Havre de Grace is Glyph, a cute little stationary store with some of the best cards I've ever seen. The staff is so kind and welcoming, and all of their products are to die for. We always have a great time shopping there. Luke, Atwood, and Ruby all bought some goodies and then Luke and I set off back to New Jersey. It was a great weekend, and I know we'll be back again soon! 

* All photos aside from the first two were taken in Glyph! 

I'm sorry this post was a bit ramble-y, I'm going to try and make a habit of blogging more often! I hope you all are having a wonderful week. :)