Etsy Favorites: Halloween Edition

October 20, 2017
I think it has been over a year since I've done an Etsy Favorites post, but since Halloween is approaching I thought it would be the perfect time to bring it back! I'm featuring some of my favorite spooky/fun Halloween products made by Etsy sellers, enjoy! Hocus Pocus has always been (and always will be!!) my absolute favorite Halloween movie. In honor of it airing tonight on Freeform, I'm sharing this super cute Hocus Pocus themed shirt by Creations by Bel on Etsy for $20. The fonts are too cute!Nothing screams fall more than a cozy candle. This hickory, maple, and...
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Restarting & Our New Home

September 5, 2017
Hi! Long time no talk. I've definitely been a bad blogger since the start of this thing.. not that I even consider myself a "blogger", but I guess this is technically a blog, isn't it? I didn't actually realize it until now, but I haven't been myself all summer - maybe even this whole year. I've felt unmotivated, depressed, and just generally lazy. My shops are unusually slow lately, and I tend to get my motivation from being busy so it hasn't been good for my mental health. Today I've been hit with a blast of motivation and I've decided...
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Another Person's Weight Is Not Your Business

May 22, 2017
Here's a wild concept: Someone else's weight has nothing to do with you. Lets take a little survey. 1) Are you a doctor helping your patient lose weight with their consent? 2) Are you a conjoined twin? 3) Is your head getting ready to be implanted onto someone else's body? Did you answer "no" to all of these questions? Then guess what? Another person's weight will not ever be any of your damn business. This weekend Luke, my Mom (reluctantly because she and my Grandmom butt heads), and I took my Grandmom to visit her Brother whom she hasn't seen in...
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Sometimes You've Just Gotta Brag

May 15, 2017
Luke is a massive part of my life. And when I say "massive" I basically mean he is my whole life, and there's nothing wrong with that. I have my work, my family, maybe one friend (lol), my hobbies, etc. But he's the person that's always there for me unconditionally and I never get sick of him. I'm missing him a whole bunch today while he's at work so I'm just going to write a little bit about what's on my mind. Ps; Sorry about the 3 year old photo, we haven't taken new pictures in forever.Luke and I just...
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Sending Photos Back Home

January 10, 2017
I spend a lot of time in antique stores, it's something Luke and I do for fun on the weekends (not something you hear often from 20-somethings). We're always on the hunt for cool finds! I had never collected anything in particular until recently when I started a cabinet card/antique photo collection. I've always been drawn to these little pieces of the past, wondering who the people in the photo were and what their lives must have been like. It's rare that the photos are labeled with names, most of them are blank with forever anonymous faces staring back out...
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