Past Life Regression Therapy

August 8, 2019

I heard about Past Life Regression therapy from a Facebook group. A woman talked about her experience with PLR therapy and I was intrigued! I have always considered myself agnostic. I don't believe in God, but I don't NOT believe in God, does that make sense? In other words, I think there is more that happens after our lives are done here on Earth, but I don't know what. However, I have always leaned towards believing in Reincarnation. After reading the woman's post about visiting one of her past lives and the lessons she learned from it, I decided to put it on my birthday wish list just for funsies, right above eyelash extensions (interesting list, huh?). And by the way, eyelash extensions have been a game changer and I highly recommend them!

Luke purchased a session for me with Barb Angelo, a local PLR therapist (among other things) and I was excited to find she was only about a 20 minute drive from my home. Her office was located on the second floor of a strip mall that contained a dry cleaner, nail salon, and barbershop. I entered the doors next to a tall clock that lead to the office spaces in the building and went up the stairs. A few hallways and many numbered doors later, I arrived at Barb’s office. It was roomy and comfortable and I sat down at a small table in her greeting room. Barb is pretty with bright red hair and colorful glasses. She is kind and very welcoming, you immediately feel comfortable in her presence. She went over the form I brought in with me, a relatively simple questionnaire sharing a little about myself and my expectations about our session. She told me about some of her own regression sessions, along with experiences from other clients. In one particular session, she mentioned her American client was from France in a past life and the client started speaking French, only to find out at the end of the session that the client believed they were speaking English the entire time. The crazy part is, the client did not know how to speak French!

After talking for about an hour, Barb led me into her personal office where there was a big brown comfortable recliner. Her room was filled with oils, books, and other spiritual knickknacks. She had me sit down and gave me a blanket and a glass of water. As I got comfortable, Barb turned out the lights and put on some calming music. I closed my eyes and she slowly talked me through hypnosis. I felt every limb on my body become heavy as she guided me through it, telling me to imagine a calming light traveling down from my head to the tips of my toes. Though I felt relaxed, I felt my mind trying to bring me back to reality throughout the whole process, but I did my best to keep focusing on what Barb was saying. She had me imagine my current self leaving my body to sit in the corner of the room and observe. I was told to imagine a garden, my own special place that was unlike anywhere else. My garden was small and surrounded a fountain in a big open grassy area, a castle was far off in the distance. It was peaceful and I felt at home there. She then guided me down a pathway to a river where a boat was waiting for me. My guide was tall and gentle and had a kind face. He led me on to the wooden red and blue boat and I sat in the back. Barb told me this boat would take me to where I needed to go, and the river would take me backwards in time. The boat started off slow and went quicker and quicker until it suddenly stopped and I was standing barefoot on a beach, the ocean was to my back and I was facing the shore. It was late afternoon and I saw cliffs way off in the distance that had tall and sudden drops down to the ocean. I was wearing a long ruffled cream colored dress, a bonnet type hat, and I was thin with dark brown hair pulled up with pins. Standing off in the distance was the shape of a man, the figure was all black until Barb told me to walk closer to him. She then asked me what my name was and I immediately said my name was Michele. The man was named Nick, and by looking into his eyes I knew instantly that he was my husband in my current life. He was wearing pants, suspenders, and a long sleeved top. He had a newsboy type hat on top of reddish brown hair. He had freckles all over his face and I got a warm, kind feeling from him. I felt that I knew him and he was good to me. Barb had me jump in time to a significant event in this lifetime. I was standing in a small 3 room cottage. It had a thatched roof and the floors were old and wooden. I was standing looking at a bed that had an off white colored blanket on it. I walked into the kitchen and I saw my mother in this life, who I felt was the same soul as my mother in my current lifetime. She was older though, in her 60's, thin, and sick. I didn’t know what happened to my father, but it was my task to take care of my mother. Fast forward again, my mother had died in the bed in our cottage. I was sad, and I found myself crying real tears in our session. Barb had me jump to another event in this lifetime. Nick and I were standing at a small carnival in our village. There were a couple of simple rides, and some spots where games were played. It was quiet and there weren’t many people there. I was never able to determine why this was an event that was shown to me, as nothing happened in it before I jumped to the next event. We were back in the cottage and I had given birth to a little girl. Barb asked me if I recognized her but I didn’t, her soul didn't feel familiar to me. It was just me, Nick, and our daughter living together in the little cottage. I jumped in time again, this time I was sitting alone at the kitchen table and felt immense sadness. Barb asked me what was wrong and I told her that my husband and daughter had died in a train accident when my daughter was only 7 years old and I was all alone. I had been sad and distant ever since the death of my mother, and it only got worse after the passing of my only family. The last event I went to in this life was my own death. I was in that same bed where my mother had died, where I had given birth to my daughter. It was me dying this time. I had a sickness in my lungs and I passed away, alone. I felt immense sadness throughout this part of our session.

It was time to visit my next life. Barb guided me back to the boat and I was quickly traveling back in time. When it stopped I was standing on a stone floor. I was a man, my name was Aros, and I was wearing tall sandals with all kinds of straps. I was wearing leather and had something around my waist. I was tall and muscular and I had a sword in my left hand. Outside of the stone archway I was standing in, I saw a crowd of people sitting in rows waiting for the show to start. There were columns made of stone everywhere and it was a sunny day. In the center of the arena was a big bear, it was chained up and it was my job to kill it. This did not feel like it was a job I chose to do, it felt more like it was something I was forced to do by someone more important than me. I was sobbing at this point of our session and had a hard time talking about it. In this life I always had to fight animals, not people, and I dreaded every day that passed. I was good at what I did but I hated it. I was not happy and I didn’t love anyone or anything. I wasn’t a mean person, it was more like I had no feelings other than dread and regret. I lived in a small stone room in a larger stone building. It was dark, dry, and plain, and even my bed was made of stone. I had a wife but I didn’t love her, nor did she have a big part in my life. Barb had me jump ahead in this lifetime to another event. I was older with gray hair, but still in shape. I was standing inside of the arena, it was closed at the time and I was just looking around with sadness. Barb guided me to jump in time again. I was even older, and my bones hurt constantly. A long life of constant physical labor wore on me. A doctor was looking me over while I was laying on my side and I suddenly died. Not long after my death I saw my soul exit my body from the side, I was floating above my body looking down on the scene. While this life was interesting, all I felt was shame and sadness from having to kill thousands of animals over the years. 

It was time to come back to my current life. Barb quietly guided me back to reality and we sat and discussed what I had experienced. I was able to connect a few things from the first life I visited to my current life. While my mother isn’t sick, I know that I will be the one tasked to care for her in the end just like I was in this past life and it is something I think about often. The other is a fear that I have dealt with since meeting Luke. I always feel nervous whenever he has to leave the house or go somewhere without me. I never have a reason to feel this way, and he is the only person I ever worry about in this sense. I never let him leave without saying “be careful, I’ll see you later.” Maybe this fear stems from this past life? Nick and our daughter left one day and never came back. If these events did take place in my past, could it be possible for the emotions from them to bleed over into this life? As for my life as Aros, what I can only assume was the life of some kind of gladiator, I only made one connection. When I was little, I remember eating at a diner with my mom and her best friend. I asked them what a hamburger was made of, and when they told me it was from a cow I was sad, felt guilty, and traumatized. I didn't eat anything but chicken for a long time after that. When I was 17 I became a vegetarian, and 11 years later I still have no desire to introduce any kind of meat back into my life. Did I choose to become a vegetarian in this life to try and make up for some of the damage I made in that life? It's all very interesting, and I still don't know what I believe. Did I somehow gain a very vivid imagination that I'm not able to access on a regular day to day basis? Or are these actual lives I have lived in the past? I'm not joking when I say this was truly the strangest thing I have ever experienced! Barb offers follow up sessions at a discounted price, and my curiosity has me leaning towards purchasing another session, but for now I'm going to take some time to process everything I learned. 

If you're in the New Jersey area, you can book a session with Barb Angelo by visiting her website

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