Etsy Favorites: Halloween Edition

20 October 2017

I think it has been over a year since I've done an Etsy Favorites post, but since Halloween is approaching I thought it would be the perfect time to bring it back! I'm featuring some of my favorite spooky/fun Halloween products made by Etsy sellers, enjoy!


Hocus Pocus has always been (and always will be!!) my absolute favorite Halloween movie. In honor of it airing tonight on Freeform, I'm sharing this super cute Hocus Pocus themed shirt by Creations by Bel on Etsy for $20. The fonts are too cute!

Nothing screams fall more than a cozy candle. This hickory, maple, and fire scented soy blend candle from Werther & Gray on Etsy for $19 is the perfect fit. The creators made this candle to pay homage to the innocent victims of the witch hysteria across Europe and Colonial America. Be sure to check out the rest of their candles here

Nothing like a little shameless self-promotion, know what I mean? I'm sharing my shop's skeleton hand hair clips that have been our bestseller since 2012! Even if you don't like dressing up for Halloween, you could easily throw these in your hair and call it a day. Or, if you like to be spooky year round, wear them whenever you want! You can find them in my shop, Always Anchors, for $4.98.

I almost screamed when I saw this Macbook case from Alpha Cases. It is so stinkin' cute I can't even take it!! The cases range from $48.99-$59.99 depending on the model you need, and they even sell phone cases! Check out what else this shop has to offer here

I can't get enough of this vintage tattoo flash style pinup girl illustration by Print With Love for $18. If you're in love with home decor like I am, this print would be super easy to style (just like this amazing photo setup!!). They also have a Don't Be Salty print that I'm definitely eyeing up. 

Get your day started with this adorable witches brew mug from A Little Tinsel on Etsy for $20. Oh, I guess the coffee will help you start your day too. Check out the other mugs this shop has to offer here!

I make hair bows for a living, but I've gotta tell ya, this bat hair bow from The Anchored Albatross for $30 is hands down cuter than anything I make!! I just can't get enough of it, not to mention it has wonderful reviews! This would be a cute addition to a bat costume, or simply throw it in your hair and call it a day. 

I hope you enjoyed these spooky finds! I'm going to try and keep up the Etsy Favorites feature on this blog, I'm into sending love to other small business owners. <3


Etsy Favorites: February

23 February 2016

I missed December and January! I'm still getting used to the whole blogging thing, and I've been finding it hard to feel motivated lately (with every aspect of life, not just blogging). What motivates you to keep at it? When you're in a blogging mood, do you write a few posts at once and draft them for later, or do you write each post the day you post it?

Anyway, here are a few of my Etsy favorites this month!

Posy Paper Co. Planner / $20

One New Year's goal I've stuck with is keeping organized, and I think the main reason I've been able to keep up with that resolution is because of the planner Luke got me for Christmas. I had seen a Facebook friend post a picture of a planner from Posy Paper Co. and I fell in love instantly. Carolyn is based in Vancouver and her products are made from 100% post-consumer waste, and she uses soy-based ink. This is a 12 month planner that you get to personalize AND you get to choose the start month! So if you're wanting a planner, it's not too late to get one without wasting a couple of months! Oh, and did I mention that they're super affordable? This planner was only $20 + shipping. I haven't been able to find a cute, personalized planner for less than $50 anywhere else. You won't regret purchasing this beauty. 

Paper Loving Mommy / $4 - $32

I haven't had this much fun with stickers since elementary school. Planner stickers are my new obsession, and Paper Loving Mommy carries a lot of my favorite designs! Michelle has stickers for every event you can imagine. I've purchased travel, reading, full moon, grocery, and hair appointment stickers from this shop. The stickers pictured above were a lovely freebie given on my last order! Her designs are definitely the best I've come across. My other favorite planner sticker shops on Etsy are Faye Creates, Birds Fly Studio (this shop sells stickers for keeping track of your business and I LOVE them), and Plannertopia

The Fox in the Attic Cactus Cushions / $24.50 each

I can't remember where I came across these cactus pillows, but are they not the cutest things EVER?! I want them all. The Fox in the Attic is owned by Michelle, and she hand makes these lovely pillows in St Leonards, England. If you're a momma and want a small rattle version of these pillows for your baby, she sells them as well!

Sparkle Collective Pins / $1.75 each

Another Christmas gift from Luke! These lovely little pins were created by Britt from Sparkle Collective in Toronto. They've all made the perfect addition to my pin collection banner. The "lol whatever" sloth is me. 

Paper Love Song's Leslie Knope Print / $10

Any Parks and Rec fans out there? I watched every single episode in just a few weeks time and then watched it again with Luke, one of the best shows ever and I miss it so much! The Esquire channel replays old episodes every week and Luke watches each one like he hasn't seen it 5 times already. I came across this Paper Love Song print and immediately fell in love! It's on my "to-buy" list and I'll be purchasing this for the Always Anchors office very soon! 

Have any Etsy favorites that you'd like to share? I love discovering new shops and would love to hear from you! I'm planning on creating another blog feature where I'll post my favorite (non-Etsy) products of the month, so stay tuned for that! 


Etsy Favorites: November

2 November 2015

I spend a ton of time on Etsy. Not only am I full time seller, but I also love shopping on Etsy and supporting other small businesses. Whenever I have some downtime I spend a few minutes browsing through shops, and sometimes I come across products that I absolutely love. Once or twice a month I want to feature a little "Etsy Favorites" blog post to show you some items I'm lusting over this month! 

"The Amazing Tattooed Girl" fully assembled, framed paper doll by Mabgraves. I love Mab's work, she's so unique, talented, and inspiring. I fell in love with this beautifully framed paper doll, there's no glass to the frame so you can move her around!

"CORAL!" Walking Dead brooch by Eleven Dot Dot Eleven. I'm a huge fan of The Walking Dead and I couldn't get over how cute this was! 

Braid Bracelet by Leini Jewelry. I came across Lea on Instagram a while back and fell in love with her designs. I have two of her bracelets, and I've even gifted one to a friend who loved it! Lea's bracelets are well made and super affordable. You can get these in many colors and designs.

Hand embroidered Rick Ross "Every Day I'm Hustlin'" hoop by Thimble and Bobbin. I have nothing else to say besides I love this thing. 

"The Candy Hair Club" pin back button set by Mabgraves. Mab strikes again! Colors get me. There's no hope for me after I've seen something colorful, it needs to be mine.

Hope you liked my November picks! I'm always open to Etsy shop suggestions, so feel free to suggest away!