The Marlton Hotel, New York City

11 April 2016

I've been a bit busy planning our upcoming trip to the UK so I haven't had much time to blog, but I wanted to share photos of this amazing little hotel with you in Greenwich Village in New York City. Luke had an offsite meeting for work on Friday night, so instead of him making the 3+ hour trip back home late at night, we decided to stay at The Marlton Hotel. We booked a room here a few years ago when Luke first started working in the city, but since he was gone for around 8 hours I was able to spend time admiring all of the work they put into every corner of our room, taking a million pictures. 

My purse fit in perfectly! 

Okay, so how beautiful is this room!?! I still can't get over it. The rooms are VERY tiny, and they run around $350+ for one of the smaller sized beds, but the staff is kind, the rooms are clean, and everything is just so beautiful I could cry. The lobby, espresso bar, and bar area downstairs have a British pub style feel to them, it reminded me of one particular pub we visited in London a few years ago. They keep the lobby dimly lit and the vibe is so, so cool. I couldn't recommend a better place to stay in the city!