UK Trip 2016

5 May 2016

For Christmas this past December, Luke and I surprised my mom (and lets be honest, it was a gift to ourselves as well) with a 10 day trip to England and Scotland. I had been to England two times before this trip, once in 2008 by myself to stay with a friend, and again in 2012 with Luke. This was my mom's first time heading across the Atlantic, and I was so happy we were able to share this experience with her!

We did some serious planning for this trip because we were really crunched for time between meeting with friends along the way and visiting the places we wanted to see. In the weeks leading up to it, I worked on an itinerary and even planned out places we could eat that worked with my (and luke's) vegetarian diet, and my mom's gluten free diet. Doing this really helped cut down time we spent looking for places to eat - I recommend doing this ahead of time if you're on a tight schedule while you're away, it makes all the difference. We booked three Airbnb flats and one hotel in different cities along the way. It was our first time trying out Airbnb and we had overall great experiences with all three hosts and flats. We stayed in London, Edinburgh, and Glasgow flats and stayed in a hotel in Sheffield before making our way back down to London for our flight back home. 

Over the course of our trip we met up with 5 friends, visited 13 different cities/towns, traveled on 2 planes, 9 trains, countless tube/subway rides, a couple of cars, vans, and busses, and we walked over 40 miles! This is without a doubt the most I've ever traveled in such a short amount of time - but it was all worth the limited amount of sleep and aching legs. The weather was lovely for us, we never got rained on and the sun was always out (as it always is when I'm over in the UK - I think I bring the nice weather with me!). We did so much over the course of 10 days that I'll be breaking this trip into 5 or 6 different posts so each post isn't too picture or content heavy. The map above shows our route and every place we visited along the way, we covered a huge portion of the UK but there is still so much more to see. The moment we landed back in the US, I was ready to go back again!


Days 1 and 2 - Arriving in London, Bath, the Cotswolds, and Stonehenge Tour

(left, Castle Combe village / right, Roman Bath's museum ceiling)

Days 3 and 4 - London/Tower of London & Westminster Abbey, and Nottingham

(left, Tower of London / right, Westminster Abbey)

Day 5 - Edinburgh Castle, Holyrood Palace & Holyrood Abbey

(left, Edinburgh Castle / right, Holyrood Abbey)

Day 6 - West Highlands Lochs & Castles Tour

(left, Inveraray Castle / right, Doune Castle)

Days 7 through 10 - Glasgow, Luss, Sheffield, Chatsworth House, Home

(left, The Drovers Inn / right, Chatsworth House)

UK Trip Posts

Days 1 - 2   Days 3 - 4   Day 5   Day 6   Days 7 - 10 

Extra Trip Photos

* All photos are my own unless otherwise stated.